Opportunity Funds

Request for Proposals: NHGRI Genome Technologies Program Opportunity Funds (2023)

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Previous NHGRI Genome Technologies Program Opportunity Funds

Congratulations to our Opportunity Fund Recipients of 2022

Contact PI Co-PI Title
Gene Yeo Rahul Kohli Recruitable and inducible tools to map protein-RNA interactions at scale
Bruce Seligmann Yang Liu Marrying TempO-Seq and DBiT platforms: high performance multi-omic spatial transcriptomics
Marija Drndic Ya-Ming Hou

Probing RNA conformational dynamics through a solid-state nanopore with sub-100 nanosecond time resolution 

Max Royzen

Synthesis of RNA oligonucleotides by chemical ligation

Jay Shendure

Multiplex recording of the identity and order of combinatorial perturbations during cell fate determination

View 2022 RFP (pdf)

Congratulations to our Fund Recipients of 2021

Contact PI Co-PI Title
Omar Abudayyeh Jonathan Gootenberg Programmable sensing of RNA using molecular sensors
Martha Bulyk Decoding the effects of alternative isoforms on the transcriptome at single-cell resolution
Meni Wanunu Ya-Ming Hou

Synthetic Control Set for Accurate Nanopore-Based Single-Molecule Detection of RNA Modifications

Andrew Laszlo Steve Benner

Nanopore Sequencing of AEGIS Nucleotides

View 2021 RFP (pdf)

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