Understanding Cells in Context: Spatial Transcriptomics (Spatial Transcriptomics)

Date: Monday May 23, 2022, 11am-2pm (Eastern)
Location: Virtual, via Zoom

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Spatial transcriptomics provides the ability to see the comprehensive gene expression patterns of individual cells in the natural context of their locations in tissues. Building on single-cell RNA-seq analysis, spatial transcriptomics is opening new ways to study cellular heterogeneity in cancer, development, and immune responses. NHGRI and the TDCC are hosting a live, virtual Technology Area Forum on spatial transcriptomics that will provide a clear and concise introduction to the current sequencing-and imaging-based methods that are used in spatial gene expression profiling, will give examples of the power of these approaches as well as the challenges, and will discuss how to get started, followed by live Q&A. Featured speakers include Drs. Fei Chen and Evan Macosko (Broad Institute),Julia Salzman (Stanford), and Siyuan (Steven) Wang (Yale). This event is appropriate for both researchers with current interests in genomics as well as learners exploring the field of transcriptomics. Registration is free.

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